Link Success provides coaching to suit your desired learning outcomes. We leverage brain-friendly neuroscience evidence-based tools and strategies to support your learning journey.

Coaching is the glue to any of the Link Success programs to reinforce the key learning. Without reinforcement 87% of your learnings may be lost within one month if you don’t use them.

Coaching can be:

  • face-to-face or over the telephone
  • based on 1-1.5 hour sessions, weekly or fortnightly
  • individually or small group
  • tailored to maximise your results and fit in with time commitments and budget.


The coaching program is delivered over a 3-6 month time frame and is conducted in a structured format based on your development requirements and desired outcomes.

We customise the coaching program to meet your specific needs and help achieve your desired outcomes.

Leadership Coaching with measurable results

Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching Programs: Do they actually work?

This was the question asked by Martin Wildsmith, responsible for leading DXC Technology’s Microsoft Business.

Martin shares the results

We recommend PRISM Behavioural Profiling to be a part of the initial coaching program.

Many clients find it helpful to engage with the profiling first to really understand how your biggest asset – your brain – works and how it connects with others who are similar and different to you.

Profiling enables participants to understand their underlying behavioural preferences and why they approach situations and individuals in particular ways.

This information allows you to consciously modify or adapt your behaviour to achieve the best results.

PRISM Brain Mapping profile tool

Uses a neuroscience-based approach to identify an individual’s ‘behaviour preferences’ by mapping brain activity in 8 behaviour dimensions and 26 key aspects of work preference. You receive a comprehensive report that you can leverage.

Vannessa Mccamley

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