Case Study - Neuroscience

Case Study – Glencore Success Factors transformation project

The neuroscience of peak mental performance & increasing stakeholder management through the change curve. We set out with a collaborative opportunity working with Simon Ives, Global Head – HXM Transformation, Glencore and Larrissa Dunn – Change Lead, Glencore, to work on a new IT transformation project. Ensuring new thinking and mindset were required for their…

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The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™’ within the book REWIRE for SUCCESS

The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™

The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™ – within the book REWIRE for SUCCESS. On my way to greatness in 2002 during my corporate career, I hit a few speed bumps along the way. Living on a diet of distress led to burnout, which was when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Thankfully I was…

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The benefits of embracing a neurodiverse culture

People on the neurodiversity spectrum can become superb assets to your organisation.  Some of their talents include: being exceptionally good at focusing flawless attention to detail boundless creativity  original ideas.  Keeping that in mind, there are certain challenges with which they will need your support, such as misunderstanding social rules, sensory difficulties, and coming across…

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Why I Love Zumba

Why I love Zumba

There are many modes of exercise, and it’s vital to choose the most appropriate activity for your needs and that you enjoy, then it will keep you going back for more. I am known as the Zumba Queen amongst my friends and family. Dancing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid;…

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