Media Release:

In response to society’s increasing overwhelm and the immediacy of living in a hyper-connected world, neuroscience, leadership and performance expert Vannessa McCamley has released her first book, REWIRE for SUCCESS; a digestible simplification of neuroscience designed to help everyone get the most from their brains.

Built around her unique four-step F.O.O.D Framework™, the book makes the latest in neuroscience and neuroplasticity research approachable, enabling readers to tap this insight and create real, happier and more successful habits in as little as 90 days.

Written as a New Years commitment in response to depths of COVID, REWIRE for SUCCESS is McCamley’s passion on paper, designed to educate and inspire positive outcomes in times of

In addition to studying the neuroscience of leadership, McCamley’s insight comes through several years of business mentoring, where she regularly helps people understand the brain and its behaviour drivers so they can leverage this knowledge to their benefit.
The book shows how with the right insight and commitment, it is possible to create new connections in the brain, which can positively influence behaviour, life and wellbeing.

McCamley’s aim with REWIRE for SUCCESS is to bridge the divide between what neuroscience knows and people do, to set society up for success — which is a critical need in today’s burnt-out world.

“Today’s always-on, immediate world has created a task epidemic. The modern to-do list is never-ending. This leaves us exhausted with nothing left to give. What many don’t realise is that switching off isn’t just good for the soul — science shows us it is necessary in protecting our deep thinking and mental wellbeing.

“We also know now through the latest in neuroplasticity research that we never stop learning. When enabled to succeed our brains can build new and lasting behaviours that improve wellbeing and performance regardless of age. To do this, however, we have to consciously carve out space for daily routine check-in, even when you have a lot on.

“Understanding how the brain responds to stress helps build resilience and empathy amongst
chaos. This is the foundation for my F.O.O.D Framework™. My hope with REWIRE for SUCCESS is to reveal the simple but important things we can all own that feed our brains what they need to thrive.”

The F.O.O.D. Framework™:
● Fuel your brain with the right ingredients
● Organise your daily structure based on when you do your best thinking
● Overcome obstacles with the brain in mind
● Drive the right behaviours, mindset, and passion for achieving desired outcomes

“These four simple steps are the key to unleashing the brain’s potential,” added McCamley. “In
REWIRE for SUCCESS I break down what they mean so anyone can improve their decision making, creativity, problem solving and emotional intelligence.”

McCamley says her own burnout, family health issues and the loss of a close friend and mentor
were the catalyst for her career in wellbeing. As a mother, wife, daughter and professional, she was encouraged to know more about what makes us healthy from the inside out. It was here she found her passion for the inner workings of the brain and began her career helping others.

Adding to the conversation, the book includes expert commentary from several highly respected, health leaders including Kerrin Booth, nutritionist and naturopath, Dr Delia McCabe, stress resiliency consultant, Dr Craig Duncan, human performance scientist, and Lisa Maltman, founder of The Sleep Connection.

Dr McCabe said “We live in a complex and constantly changing world. Knowing how best to navigate our way through it, using our most sensitive and sophisticated organ, our brain, should be a priority.

The basics of neuroscience are now available to us and we are privileged to have access to a
growing body of evidence in this regard. Vannessa has distilled many of these powerful concepts into an easy-to-read book with simple to implement strategies that readers will love.”
McCamley added, “The next few years will see the speed of change increase, primarily due to
technological advances in the workspace. This too will affect people’s mental health. Add in the
residual stresses of COVID and we’re on the cusp of a significant mental health crisis — we need to do a better job at understanding what our bodies and minds need to be well.

“The F.O.O.D Framework™ is written in bite-sized chunks with actionable and engaging tips at the end of each section. You can digest the whole buffet or digest one section at a time depending on your current needs.

“My calling has always been to improve the lives, productivity, and performance of individuals, teams and organisations while impacting their health and well-being positively. Together, we can not only feel better but do better.”

REWIRE for SUCCESS is available for purchase today.