Why I wrote the book REWIRE for SUCCESS

Recently I heard a statistic from a book expert that approximately 0.3% of people who want to write a book finish and publish it; that astonishes me. Writing a book does take a lot of dedication, energy and effort. To achieve it, you need to be clear on your WHY/ purpose and the desired outcomes…

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Why understanding my brain has transformed my life

At no time in history have individuals been expected to cope with so much change or absorb and act on so much information across so many communication channels: the expectation that we must function faster impacts how we live and our physical and mental health. We are at a tipping point: individuals are burning out…

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What career advice would I give to my younger self

Hindsight is a fantastic gift. As a coach and advisor, I get to speak with people of all ages and advise them to avoid some of the pitfalls that my clients and I have made in our careers. I would approach things differently with what I know about the brain around creating high-performing habits. Due…

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Case Study - Neuroscience

Case Study – Glencore Success Factors transformation project

The neuroscience of peak mental performance & increasing stakeholder management through the change curve. We set out with a collaborative opportunity working with Simon Ives, Global Head – HXM Transformation, Glencore and Larrissa Dunn – Change Lead, Glencore, to work on a new IT transformation project. Ensuring new thinking and mindset were required for their…

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The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™’ within the book REWIRE for SUCCESS

The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™

The story behind creating ‘The F.O.O.D framework™ – within the book REWIRE for SUCCESS. On my way to greatness in 2002 during my corporate career, I hit a few speed bumps along the way. Living on a diet of distress led to burnout, which was when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Thankfully I was…

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7 Essentials for goal success

Did you know? – 9 out of 10 businesses have a strategy but don’t achieve it because leaders fail to execute it successfully through their people. [Institute for Performance Management]

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