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An easy guide for using neuroscience to improve choices for work, life and well-being

WHY this book?

Living and working in the digital age can pose many challenges:

  • Dealing with constant change
  • Information overload
  • Fixed mindsets on how we used to do things
  • Doing more with less
  • Loss of focus and fatigue
  • 24/7 engagement

We are fried on an overwhelming diet of immediacy that is eating away at our critical thinking and decision-making capabilities, let alone our mental and physical health.

Are you tired, burnt out or simply wanting more mental clarity and energy?

Simplifying the complexities of neuroscience, REWIRE for SUCCESS is a guide to harnessing the biggest asset you own — your brain! — so you can actively improve your creativity, problem-solving and most importantly, wellbeing.

Especially when the hustle of everyday life feels endless.

REWIRE for SUCCESS F.O.O.D. Framework™ is four simple steps everyone can own to unleash their brain’s potential. It is the recipe for good brain health, enabling readers to improve their decision making, creativity, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

Learn the strategies that will help you create less stress, and a more purposeful career and life today.

Professional and personal success is not just about planting the seed; success depends on the quality of the soil and establishing the right environmental conditions to grow in your chosen direction.
The elements will test your garden; your environment will change, but every storm, drought or disaster is an opportunity to learn, adapt, grow and become your best self and make a difference in the lives of those around you.

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Rewire for Success

An easy guide for using neuroscience every day

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Author Profile of Vannessa McCamley

During a successful career in which I held senior management positions with multi-national companies, I witnessed the myriad of professional and personal challenges faced by executives, employees and entrepreneurs.

Believing there had to be a more purposeful, less stressful way to live, I studied what neuroscience revealed about the human brain and how this translates to our behaviour and impacts our ability to achieve goals.

Today, I help individuals and organisations to understand how neuroscience can improve leadership, self-leadership, resilience and peak mental performance in the workplace. 

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