Client: Britt Butler, General Manager, Portland Aluminium, Alcoa

Britt Butler, General Manager at Portland Aluminium for Alcoa, embarked on a transformative journey with the 90-day Leadership Coaching Program from Link Success. Faced with the challenges of a new leadership role, balancing family commitments, and driving organisational change, Britt turned to Vannessa McCamley for guidance. Through personalised coaching, PRISM Brain Mapping, and actionable insights, Britt gained clarity, confidence, and renewed energy. Her leadership style evolved, significantly improving team performance and personal work-life balance. This case study showcases the power of investing in oneself to achieve remarkable leadership transformation.

Faced with Overwhelm and Fatigue in a New Leadership Role

When Britt Butler started as General Manager at Portland Aluminium, she faced significant challenges. Balancing a demanding job with family commitments, she experienced daily brain fog and fatigue. Her new role required her to lead a transformation in a large, established organization with robust systems, leaving her uncertain about where to start and how to make impactful changes.

Solution: 90-Day Leadership Coaching Program

Britt invested in a 90-day leadership coaching program with Vannessa McCamley from Link Success. Having been recommended by a trusted colleague within the Mining Industry, Britt sought clarity and guidance to navigate her new role effectively. The program included:

  • PRISM Brain Mapping identifies and leverages her strengths, including what energies and de-energies her brain (supercomputer).
  • Tailored coaching sessions focusing on immediate challenges, desired goals and outcomes.
  • Action-oriented coaching with clear, actionable steps.
  • Continuous support and accountability.

Implementation: Coaching Process and Techniques

Vannessa provided a structured approach that included the following:

  1. Initial Assessment: Understanding Britt’s unique challenges and setting clear objectives.
  2. PRISM Brain Mapping: Identifying areas where Britt could maximise her impact using her inherent strengths.
  3. Actionable Insights: Breaking down overwhelming tasks into manageable actions.
  4. Ongoing Support: Regular coaching sessions to track progress and adjust strategies.

Outcomes: Enhanced Leadership and Team Performance

The coaching program yielded significant benefits:

  • Increased Clarity and Confidence: Britt clearly understood her leadership style and how to apply it effectively within Alcoa’s systems.
  • Effective Action Plans: The coaching sessions helped her develop and execute actionable plans, leading to immediate improvements in team performance.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Techniques like brain breaks helped Britt maintain her energy throughout the day, benefiting both her professional and personal life.
  • Team Engagement: Britt’s transformation positively influenced her team, who responded well to her authentic and energised leadership style.

Benefits: Organisational and Personal Growth

Enhanced Leadership Skills: Britt’s confidence and clarity in her role improved, allowing her to lead more effectively.

Team Performance: The team at Portland Aluminium saw marked improvements in engagement and productivity.

Work-Life Integration: Britt balanced her professional responsibilities with her family life, maintaining high energy levels throughout the day.

Sustained Impact: The 90-day sprint program delivered rapid results, setting a foundation for long-term success.

Conclusion: A Success Story for Leadership Transformation

Britt Butler’s journey through the 90-day leadership coaching program with Link Success is a powerful example of how targeted coaching can lead to significant personal and organisational growth. By investing in herself and committing to actionable changes, Britt transformed her leadership approach, enhanced her team’s performance, and created a more balanced, fulfilling work-life integration.

Britt’s Advice for Business Leaders

Investing in a focused leadership coaching program can be a game-changer for leaders facing similar challenges of being overwhelmed and fatigued. It provides the clarity, actionable insights, and support needed to navigate complex roles and drive meaningful organisational change.


Britt’s story underscores the importance of self-investment in leadership. By committing to personal growth and leveraging expert coaching, leaders can achieve remarkable transformations that benefit their team, family and themselves.

Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

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