What impact is FEAR having on your productivity?

Fear is the biggest dream and productivity killer. Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat.
It is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response. Our brain is geared more for threat state than reward.When we experience our threat response, it takes longer to recover and impacts our ability to think and make decisions clearly.

The goal is to be in a reward state instead of a threat state.

How are you currently controlling your F.U.D’s (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) so that it doesn’t impact your possibilities and important decisions?

We often have a little monster that sometimes sits on your shoulder whispering words of doubt. It starts off as a niggle …

‘oh, you cannot achieve that goal… the target is way too high… this organisation is dreaming.’

Fear can weaken the creation of long-term memories and damage the hippocampus, short-circuiting the response paths and causing constant feelings of anxiety that can lead to health and well-being issues.

Strategies to control your ‘Imposter Monster’

Being aware

Realise that this monster will attack the vulnerable, identify what your personal F.U.D’s are.

Catching it early

If you feel the first niggle, take stock, understand the situation and realise that the monster is trying to feed. Accept it by labelling it, release it by letting go or reappraise it with a positive thought.

Gather your thoughts

If the FUD monster does take hold, write down your thoughts and then underline the trigger (diary). If you are unsure about the deep seeded trigger like ‘I am not good enough’, it is a good idea to speak with a mentor, coach or someone who has experience overcoming a similar challenge.

Keep it at bay

Realise your self-worth, celebrate and reward yourself for overcoming a hurdle. What rewards would incentivise you to overcome your monster?

Kill the Monster

By believing in yourself and understanding the nature of the beast you can defeat the Imposter Monster. Most successful people go through rewiring their beliefs and values about themselves, if they can do it, I know you can too!