I had a fantastic experience recently at my son’s school and saw what true leadership capability looks like.

I refer to my son’s School Principal, Mr Philip Heath, Head of Barker College – an extraordinary leader and human being.

WHY is he such a fantastic leader?

I have come across many types of leadership styles and approaches over the years; Mr Heath’s ability to capture the hearts and minds of his audience is incredible. To create a community that cares passionately about each other and for a higher purpose of our children’s future possibilities. Some of his impressive leadership attributes;

  • Passion, authentic and approachable manner – he always speaks from the heart with compassion and empathy.
  • Inclusive – makes you feel like you are an essential member of the community, and you are a part of something bigger than self (purpose)
  • He remembers every child, teacher, and parent’s name – it blows my mind his memory ability to recall 
  • He delivers handwritten birthday cards to each child and teacher along with a Freddo frog – he is famous for this thoughtful gesture (even amongst the youngest and oldest students). He spends his Sunday afternoons handwriting personalised messages on each card (I am referring to thousands of cards and Freddo frogs)
  • A brilliant storyteller that captures the heartstrings of each person in the audience. The confidence, delight and emotional connection to his stories is a game-changer. I have often laughed my head off and, at times, had a tear in my eye.

Strong leadership makes a difference

When I first met Mr Heath, I wondered if he was authentic or whether this was a superficial front for parents. 

Eight years later and after meeting many teachers, students, and community members from around Australia and the world during our holiday adventures. They have all regarded him as one of the best leaders they have ever experienced. 

Everyone regards his leadership approach, and he is known for his handwritten cards with Freddo frogs. 

My son is fortunate to experience such outstanding leadership from a young age. I have often said I would love to duplicate Mr Heath for the corporate world. 

In my experience, we have a shortage of brilliant leaders that are memorable and inspiring like this. I know we can do better in the corporate world to set individuals, teams, and organisations up for success, and I am on a mission to help as many as possible. 

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