A Neuroscience-Powered Program for HR and Business Leaders

In the fast-paced digital age, workforce challenges abound – from information overload to diminishing focus and fatigue.
Now, more than ever, HR and Business Leaders must equip their teams with high-performance habits to navigate these challenges successfully whilst cultivating an environment that fosters employee retention.


The Challenge:

Living in the ‘Task Epidemic,’  where immediacy has overshadowed critical thinking and creativity, it’s time for a  change. The future demands a shift towards harnessing the power of neuroscience to cultivate creativity, resilience, and effective decision-making.

The Solution:

The F.O.O.D Framework™ – Your Path to Success

This program, based on the book, offers a transformative journey guided by the F.O.O.D Framework™. It’s a blueprint to enhance your team’s performance and well-being through neuroscience-driven strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

Master Your Brain: Decode autopilot responses, identify threat and reward triggers, and take control of habits and responses. 

Enhance Communication: Understand personal and team motivators for improved communication and client engagement. 

Implement Actionable Steps: Embed high-performing habits for a results-driven approach.

Why Choose REWIRE for SUCCESS:

Customisable Format: Tailored for individuals, teams, or organisations with options like half-day modules, 2-day workshops, webinars, or keynote presentations.

Expert Leadership: Led by empathetic leader Vannessa McCamley, an award-winning executive with over 20 years of experience, the program ensures tangible, lasting results.

Your Benefits:

Boosted Productivity: Uncover productivity strategies to minimise distractions and prioritise core tasks. 

Top Talent Retention: Equip your team with skills and resilience, securing your top talent’s future.

 Strategic Vision Achievement: Drive business results while safeguarding the health and well-being of your staff. 

Evidence-Based Transformation: Participants present their transformation journey, ensuring accountability and tangible results. 

Who is this program for?

For everyone we cater for individuals, teams and organisations. We will tailor the program to meet your specific requirements and priorities.

Program delivery

Delivery style

  • The program is interactive, engaging and a lot of fun, with practical exercises for participants to apply and embed the new insights and knowledge.
  • This is certainly not death by PowerPoint! – the material includes videos, team interaction, challenging exercises and sharing.
  • Participants can be the scientist of their own experiment, applying what they learn in bite-sized chunks.
  • Each component is supported by the relevant neuroscience research so that participants can feel confident about the new and often revolutionary approaches and techniques.

Behavioural Profiling

Many organisations find it helpful to engage with profiling. 

Profiling enables participants to understand their underlying behavioural preferences and why they approach situations and individuals in particular ways.

This information allows leaders to consciously modify or adapt their behaviours to achieve the best results within their team.

PRISM Brain Mapping profile tool

We offer PRISM Brain Mapping, which uses a neuroscience-based approach to identify an individual’s ‘behaviour preferences’ by mapping brain activity in 8 behaviour dimensions and 26 key aspects of work preference.

This is available preceding The Neuroscience of Building High Performing Teams program or as a separate workshop.  Find out more.


Join us on this enlightening journey into the depths of your team’s potential.

Prepare to unlock new habits for unparalleled success.

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