Chris Rowe 90 day growth & development program outcomes
Case study – Chris Rowe, Marketing Executive for Trotec 

Working with Trotec’s Managing Director Reece Moore on a development program for his top talent within his business to keep them engaged, motivated and continuous learning about self and how to effectively engage key stakeholders.

Reece wanted to invest in Chris Rowe’s learning and development journey as he was dedicated to the business and keen to take his capability to the next level. Reece believes in Chris’s potential by focusing on being more strategic to see the bigger picture and allocating his time to the core priorities and not to be dragged into the weeds.

Asking Chris for his valuable insights on his learning journey and experiences working with Vannessa McCamley, Founder of Link Success, a leadership and performance expert. 


What were the key challenges you were facing?

Dealing with multiple managers’ workload expectations, competing priorities and requirements across the business were being spread too thin. 

The Managing Director wanted me to be more strategic and allocate the appropriate time and effort accordingly.

Being a creative problem solver, I often spent time working on a project to gain feedback from key stakeholders towards the end instead of initiating input in the early planning stages to gain buy-in before investing too much time and energy. 

What did the 90 day program consist of? 

The first step was a PRISM Brain Mapping, a simple to use neuroscience-based online profiling tool that identifies existing behavioural wiring within my brain. It is a 30-minute online survey and a 1.5 hour debrief session with Vannessa on how the brain works and how best to interpret the results.

The second step was having a week to digest the PRISM Brain Mapping comprehensive report and answering critical questions about the purpose of my role; why I do what I do; the four areas of focus to be prosperous in my role, and when I am the most energised and de-energised in my daily work. Based on this clarity, what is a new habit of behaviour I want to focus on for the next 90 days? 

The third step was four sessions of an hour each during 90 days to create the plan around the goal, explore options and check-in on what was working, and areas of focus based on the key learnings from the past 2-3 weeks into digestible bite-size chunks to ensure it was manageable and achievable within the timeframe. Scheduling time in my diary based on the strategic priorities, known/unknown obstacles and brain breaks to recalibrate between cognitive tasks.

The final step – is to present my vision board, the roadmap starting with my WHY and all the key elements that will help me achieve my purpose over the next year—breaking down my next 90 days into 30, 60 and 90 day milestones celebrations. Ensuring I am tapping into a reward state along the learning journey.

How did you experience the 90 day learning journey?

Vannessa and I conducted my 90 day learning journey through a series of one-hour remote video sessions. Each session was carefully crafted, allowing for a suitable time between sessions to apply the new skills and thought processes I was learning, turning these ideas into habits.

I approached the journey with a curious mind and eagerness to take whatever I could to improve myself both professionally and personally.

What were the critical outcomes for you both professionally and personally?

The vision board has been a game-changer as it has allowed me to visualise my target goals and milestones. Referring to the vision board first thing in the morning helps calibrate me for a productive and focused day ahead.

I am now more confident and better equipped to handle a healthy and meaningful work/life balance, developing skills to make me more efficient in the office, and wise enough to ensure I make time for personal growth and well-being, particularly fitness and maintaining a healthy diet.

You mentioned the vision board is a game-changer and key outcome. Why is that? 

The vision board has been instrumental to the success of each day. I refer to it first thing each morning and also find myself reflecting upon it throughout the day – this has helped ensure that I maintain focus on my goals and objectives that allow me to make effective decisions on where I spend my precious time and energy (daily ones as well as more extended milestone targets).

It took me a little while to initially start my vision board. What surprised me most was my initial reflection upon the completed board. Looking back at the particulars that I put on the board, I realised that although each element was essential, I was not always making time for them. Having the vision board to reflect upon has ensured that each note-worthy inclusion on the vision board is considered in my daily actions.

How did the book REWIRE for SUCCESS help support your learning journey?

The book REWIRE for SUCCESS was very helpful to me. Although at some level, I felt I was conscious of certain concepts demonstrated in the book, I didn’t quite know how to approach them and incorporate them into my daily life. Reading about Vannessa’s journey, discoveries, her anecdotes, and do it tips helped provide me with the means to apply specific attributes to my own life.

After reading it through from cover to cover, I now find myself reviewing sections I have marked to help me through challenges I face and sharpening my skills as needed. 

Chris’s testimonial summary on his experience

‘I am very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with Vannessa. Vannessa’s 90 day coaching program has provided me with some valuable insights and advice for structuring my own personal and professional success and has also helped me identify new opportunities for growth and development for me to continue to work on. I look forward to putting my newfound toolset to good use to help myself and Trotec to succeed.

I would highly recommend Vannessa’s program to any business or individual looking to refine, refocus and develop/embed skills to bring out the best and most productive version of yourself.