I was delighted to present ‘How to Enable Effective Brains for the Digital Age’. Delivering an engaging and interactive keynote at the Dropbox Live thought leadership event at the beautiful Crown Towers Barangaroo. 

It was an immersive, enriching and thought-provoking insight into how to successfully navigate the ever-changing future of work with the brain in mind.

As we navigate constant change, information overload, and the pressure to do more with less, our brains can become overwhelmed, leading to burnout, decreased focus, loss of memory and fatigue.

However, by understanding the principles of neuroscience, we can effectively enhance our performance, productivity, connection, and overall well-being. 

This session explored the neuroscience of deep thinking, productivity strategies, and behavioural modifications that can empower us to thrive in the digital age right now.

Thank you to the amazing Dropbox team and participants that I had the pleasure of meeting during the networking session. 

Here is just some of the fabulous feedback:

Lem Prestage, National IT Manager – Awesome talk, Vannessa McCamley, with content that resonated with me and my journey. I loved the reminder to take breaks and get some oxygen to help manage stress and re-energise the brain. Now to start putting things into practice!


Soonan Abed, Enterprise Account Manager – Loved your personal story on managing burnout—great tips on doubling peak performance time by breathing and taking in more oxygen more often.


Nicholas Ferguson, IT Manager – It was a wonderful talk; thank you for sharing your experience with us all. I’m very much looking forward to finishing your book REWIRE for SUCCESS.


Vanessa Karlsson, Head of Global Events – It was an honour and delight to have you on our speaker line-up! The perfect session to get the audience out of their heads and into their wellness. Thank you, Vannessa


Dr Delia McCabe, Neuroscientist – ‘Enable Brains …’ 

Great title! It looks like some companies are actively interested in what keeps their businesses doing well … human brain power, which relies on human well-being. It looks like a fabulous event!


Joash Manuel, Account Representative – I loved your engaging presentation during our Dropbox live event. I never thought about my brain as my ‘most prized asset’ before!


Dayne Nash, Vice President of Global Channels – It was great to be a part of this event. I loved getting involved, and you did well anchoring the day with the hardest slot at the end of the day.


Tony Veljancevski, Director – Wonderful talking with you, Vannessa McCamley and sharing life experiences.


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