Nurturing your body and mind is one of the most important investments that you can make. Without good health, living our best lives is incredibly challenging. We now know that to live a healthy lifestyle, we need to eat a nutritious diet, get enough exercise, sleep and practise mindfulness.

Three healthy habits

Get a decent night’s sleep to kick off your weekend. It’s difficult to enjoy your time off if you’re fatigued thoroughly and overwhelmed at the end of the week. Start your weekend off well with a soothing sleep ritual on Friday night. Start getting ready for bed even earlier than usual, so you have plenty of time to relax. Give it a go with these stress-relieving exercises before going to bed to calm your mind and body, for example:

  • Gentle, restorative yoga is recommended.
  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salts to relax.
  • Have a relaxing massage with lavender essential oils
  • Make yourself a warm, soothing beverage, such as camomile tea or sleep tight tea
  • Listen to a guided meditation.

Wake up refreshed on Saturday for exercise that brings you joy and happiness. 

Set aside some time to work out – exercise is one of the finest weekend habits you can develop. A solid combination of aerobic activity, weight training, strengthening, stretching and or yoga or pilates. Oxygen provides blood flow to your entire body and helps you restore your brainpower. My Saturday mornings consist of yoga and Zumba, feeling good and light afterwards. 

  • Set aside some time to work out on Saturday and Sunday
  • Consider power walking, running, swimming, or cycling as options; select something that you enjoy and makes you happy.
  • Make an effort to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day
  • Consider combining recreational activities with cardiovascular exercise. 

Relaxation – is another essential element. Relaxation is often regarded as something we don’t have 

enough time for these days, as we are mainly on the go. However, relaxing is important, 

particularly for psychological health. The way we ‘relax’ means 

something different to everyone. It might be; 

  • Going for a walk or stroll in the bush or along the water’s edge – I love the ocean and find it very relaxing.
  • Outdoors, practising yoga or meditation or simply sitting quietly and reading a book. 
  • Whatever your preference, it should not be overlooked.

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