How can you cement your sales success footprint?

Developing strong buyer’s needs and establishing a true sense of timing are the two focus areas for this week’s sales productivity insights. Sounds simple, right?

Did you know?…
89% of sales conversations fail to address what’s most important to the buyer
58% of qualified deals result in no decision – by Sales Benchmarking Index

So who is responsible for sales in your organisation?

In my opinion, EVERYONE! Every touch along the buying cycle adds value to the buyer’s experience whether you are in sales, pre-sales, technical, marketing or finance.

What are you currently doing to maximise and improve all of your people’s customer service excellence skills?

There are six key areas to focus on during a major B2B sale:

  1. Needs: Establishing a genuine need and genuine solution to meet that need.
  2. Relevance: Discovering key business drivers and desired outcomes from the solution.
  3. Options: Uncovering how unique the solution is to meet their needs and establishing differentiation between you and the competition.
  4. Decision Makers: Who do we know? Do the decision makers trust you and your organisation? How many decision makers do you need buy-in for sign-off? What are their individual drivers and needs?
  5. Timing: Understanding the importance of timing for the buyers and identifying severe consequences if delay happens.
  6. Budget: Identifying the investment vs expect ROI, is this a priority in terms of their budget spend?

Although all 6 areas are important, TIMING is critical once you have developed strong genuine needs with the right decision makers! Timing makes or breaks your forecast. If you don’t dig deep enough into the timing implications for the buyer then this will affect your ability to accurately forecast. Sales pressure begins and ends with your ability to forecast and develop a strong sales pipeline.